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Literacy & Communication

Simply put, literacy is the ability to read and write. Communication includes the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information through speech, gesture, behavior, symbols, and/or written materials.

Spring Themed Home Therapy Packet

This packet includes activities for Speech Therapy, OT, and PT.

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What to Know & How to Develop Skills

This educational resource provides parent/caregiver with strategies to use at home. Includes Gross Motor, Fine Motor, and Speech Language performance areas.

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Bug Detective: What is Hiding in the Grass?

This color, cut, glue, and fold activity is the perfect tool to target a variety of skills.

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Spring Vocabulary Cards

These vocabulary cards are learning aids that have a printed word with an accompanying illustration. These cards will help children develop the oral vocabulary related to a Spring theme.

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Use this Speech & Language Developmental Milestones guide as a tool to learn what a child should be doing at each age. This PDF includes 4 Charts/Age Ranges: 0-12 Months, 12-24 Months, 24-36 Months, and 36-60 Months. This chart is extremely helpful for sharing information with parents and others that will benefit from understanding the development of Speech & Language Skills.

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April Showers Dough Press Mat

Laminate or place dough mat in clear sleeve protector. The student will use dough to roll a ball, then pound flat onto designated rain drop image. May use for word recognition, vocabulary building, articulation practice, matching, and/or memory games. Use with Spring Vocabulary Cards!

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Color, Cut, and glue the pictures in the correct order.

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Camping Cootie Catcher/Fortune Teller

Follow directions to assemble Camping Themed Cootie Catcher/Origami Fortune Teller. Use as conversation/topic discussion or writing prompts.

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