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About Tools to Grow Therapy

Mission Statement

Helping Little Hands ... Achieve Big Things!

Tools to Grow Therapy has a mission to provide highly specialized, goal oriented, and effective therapeutic services for children of all ages in a safe and nurturing environment. Our goal and mission is to serve the children in our area by instilling independence and improving their quality of life. Our personnel strive to maintain optimal standards of professional practice and exercise professional judgment in the delivery of quality service to each individual served. The personnel adhere to and support the mission, purpose, philosophy, and adopt the Code of Ethics of each of their respective professions. Tools to Grow Therapy abide by the letter and spirit of the laws and regulations of Erie County, New York State and federal governments, with regard to all of its operations.

Through a commitment to excellence, leadership, team building, education and creativity, we are dedicated to developing and implementing innovative strategies thereby empowering our employees and the communities we serve to fulfill life's roles.


Tools to Grow Therapy has expertise in the treatment of children with:
• Sensory Processing Dysfunction
• Learning Disabilities
• Autism/PDD
• Developmental Delays
• Fine Motor & Gross Motor Delays
• Visual Motor & Perceptual Delays
• Cerebral Palsy
• Orthopedic Impairments
• Upper Extremity Injuries
• Sensory Impairments
• Cognitive/Executive Function Delays
• Feeding Delays/Mealtime Challenges
• Self-Regulation/Emotional Disabilities
• Adaptive Equipment or Mobility Aide Needs
• Specialized Seating or Wheelchair Needs
• Orthotic Needs
• And Much More!