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Therapy Services

Private Therapy

Individual private Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy involves an experienced therapist working one-on-one with a child.  During private sessions, Tools To Grow therapists provide specific environmental, activity, and interactive supports to promote developmental integration in the areas specific to your child’s needs. Our therapists work collaboratively with the family members and others that take an active role in the child’s life.

Tools To Grow Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy is excited to announce we have established a formal agreement with We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym! Our therapy practice has full access to use both the Northtowns (Williamsville) and the Southtowns (Derby) locations to provide Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy services.

During Private Therapy session at the gym, your child will have access to the amazing features of these gyms to help address their challenges in the areas of Sensory Processing, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Visual Motor Skills, etc.

The Therapy space includes a large variety of state of the art equipment including a rock wall, zip line, trampoline, swings, climbing structures, crash pit, calming sensory retreat, table-top fine motor area, and much more!

Tools To Grow may be available to provide private therapy for preschool and school age children in their homes.

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